KDUK 2014

KDUK returns – 19th June 2014:

Student, Research Management, Finance (and a touch of library)


Following the hugely successful 2013 KDUK, Kuali returns to Bloomsbury to show more of the potential for the UK HE sector. Keeping your money in your service is a major selling point – offering greater flexibility to adjust to changes in demands in a way that is just not possible with vendor driven systems.

2013’s KDUK focused on OLE – the Open Library Environment.

2014’s KDUK is the year of Kuali enterprise systems, which are all operational and delivering the promised benefits.

The US Kuali community is extremely active and supportive, welcoming other partners whatever their location – including South Africa and the UK.

Coventry University have led on bringing the wider Kuali suite to KDUK 2014, collaborating with the Kuali Foundation, JISC and SOAS to do so.

SOAS is the UK and European lead on implementing OLE and has been working engaged with the OLE community since November 2012. In terms of Kuali’s wider potential, OLE is underpinned by the Rice middleware and Kuali Finance – which is the most mature of the complete suite.